About Social Ecommerce

Social e-commerce app allows your users to create a social profile of their own, share their thoughts, follow/unfollow others, comment, post, like/unlike products and much more on your online store. As store owner you can choose to enable /disable the feature that you want to show or activate and much more.


Some of the great features of this app

Customers create and manage their account.
Customers create their account by signing up and manage their account by updating their profile and much more.
Like/Unlike Products
Customers after creating the profile can like or unlike the products on your e-commerce store.
Social Feed
Customers can view live feeds of each other which may include status update, posts, liked and purchased products and much more .
Customer can post status and follow each other.
Customer can follow or unfollow other customers, and can view their updates and feeds, and customers can post status updates as well from their own profile.
Cross Browser Compatible.
Our Social e-commerce app is cross browser compatible and support all the web browsers.
Shopify Ecommerce is a responsive app and very intelligently detects screen size and orientation and changes the layout accordingly.

We are offering this amazing app at an extremely reasonable price of $.00 per Month.


For any help , suggestion or query regarding the App , please get connected with us on : (+91)-9870284067 support@webkul.com we will be glad to hear from you