Start Campaign/Projects On Your eCommerce Store.

Crowdfunding no more a dream now. Enter your shopify store URL and get started in the amazing world of crowdfunding and campaigning with the amazing app.


Crowdfunding app is an app which does a total justice to the concept of crowdfunding. Lets have a look at its features.

Manage product stats:

This app is very well programmed and on the home page it displays all the stats of ongoing projects, their progress and much more.

Manage and create projects:

You can create the projects and campaigns about the issues and ideas you want to raise funds for. you are just required to go to add project section and start creating the project/campaign by filling up the details.

Creation of rewards and donations :

From donation section you can actually set up as many fixed amount for customer to choose and pay. Also you can create the rewards from this section which can be a discount coupon or any offer related to your store and much more.

View Project details :

You can view and edit the projects already created. You can view the project details of the project and can also edit them.

How It Works

We are offering this amazing app at an extremely reasonable price of $15 per month.


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