what is shopify odoo connector

With this app users will be able to synchonize all the products , customers , orders fulfillment , payment and much more from shopify to Odoo.The Shopify Odoo Connector helps in combining the powerful Shopify eCommerce platform with the awesome odoo.Shopify Odoo connector perfectly provides seamless integration between Shopify and Odoo .


This app comes with various amazing features, few of them are listed below

Product Synchronization
This app lets you sync all your products from shopify to Odoo with just a click.
Customer Synchronization
This app lets you sync all your Customers from shopify to Odoo with just a click.
Order Synchronization
All the orders on shopify can be synchronized from shopify to odoo with this app.
Category Synchronization
This app also syncs the collection/categories of shopify from shopify to Odoo.
Payment Synchronization
Here, payment mapping of Shopify's payment method and Odoo's payment is done.
Tax Synchronization
Here, manual mapping of tax is done where the tax calculation of shopify and Odoo tax are mapped.
Currency Synchronization
In currency Synchronization also the manual mapping of currency of shopify and odoo is done.
Seamless Integration
To integrate and configure this app is amazingly easy and user friendly .

We are offering this fantastic app at $35.00/Month ,you can also opt for free trial for 7 days to explore all aspects of this app.

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