Want to buy it, but not now..!!
Presenting wishlist to enable your customers to save products category wise in wishlist for future purchase.
Product Wishlist enables your customers to create a wishlist of all the products they wish to buy on your online store. With this amazing app you can enable your customers to create categories and save respective products in those wishlist categories.
The customer will require to necessarily login in order to access the wishlist and products added into it and much more.
Wishlist Data Analysis
The home page of Product Wishlist app shows all the data and statistics of the wishlist created, products purchased and other related stats to the store owner once he visits the app.
Wishlist Categories Creation
Customers can create categories of wishlist and can add different products in different wishlist categories as per their convenience.
Multiple Products
Customer can add multiple products in single category and single product in multiple category as well.
Reminder Feature
Store owner can send reminder mails to the customers to buy the products added in wishlist for the specific or selected products and for the wishlist category as whole.
This amazing app is available at an extremely genuine price of USD 7.
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