Increase your sales by labelling/flagging your products and collections from Shopify Product Flag App.


FAQ Details

  • How can I install the product label app?

    You can get the app from either of the URL's - or

  • What is the monthly fee for the app?

    You can get the product label for 10 USD per month. Once the app is installed, then you need to pay for the monthly fee for the app, only then you can use it.

  • How to uninstall the app?

    To uninstall the app, you need to remove the app from the "Apps" menu of your Shopify Store.

    Go to your Shopify store backend>> Visit the "Apps" section >> Here click the "Delete" button to uninstall the app.

    NOTE:- As soon as you remove/uninstall/delete the app on your Shopify store, we will send you an email asking you to allow us to delete app-related data from our end. Kindly confirm the same.

  • How can I add new labels?

    From the backend, go to the product label app, open it. Then open add new product label, then from there you need to write the label name and the add the label image. This way the label is added.

  • The assigned label will be visible on which page?

    The label can be assigned to the product and will be available on all or any one of the following page:

    • Home Page
    • Category Page
    • Product Page

    You need to choose the page, while assigning the label

  • How can I assign label to the product?

    The label can be assigned to any product from the backend. Go to backend > product list > open any product > manage assign lable. Then you need to select label from the added lables and you need to selcet the page on which the label is to be added.

  • Is it possible to edit an added label?

    Yes, the labels can be easily edited from the backend. Go to apps> product label app > labels. From here you can edit or delete the labels

  • Can I choose the position of the label on the pages?

    You can configure as to where the label should appear on the page. While assigning the label, you need to mention the class name or id of the container where you want the label on the page.